Sugar Pine Models

Since 1974 Sugar Pine Models has been producing these fine HO scale craftsman type structure kits at their California facilities. As new owners, we will be producing the same quality kits at our Lewistown PA. factory under the Sugar Pine Models name.

Sam's supply store

Now you can handle your town's supply problems with this old time store.It is designed to be placed along side a track siding. General stores like Sam's were used to supply necessities to local folks. It's sized small enough to look good anywhere on your layout. Every town needs a supply store.

Kit #1100 Dimensions: 3 3/4" X 5" $21.00

The Smelter Works

This structure represents a foundry which can be used from the 1800's to present day. Foundries like this one were used to cast relics such as kitchen wares, farm equipment, loco parts, etc. Trackside loading dock (included) allows this building to be placed along side a track siding with ease. The smokestack, sharply angled roof rafters, and round windows really add to the uniqueness of this kit.

Kit #1101 Dimensions: 3 3/4" X 4 1/2" $21.00

The Court House

Every town had it's courthouse to help keep peace. This kit has plenty of window and door castings along with a false front which is a bit different from the run-of-the mill storefronts.Great for Mainstreet, Your Layout.

Kit #1102 Dimensions: 3 3/4" X 4 1/2" $25.00

The Firehouse

If you've been searching for an unusual building for your town that is useful and prototypical this is the one for you! It has a "Bigger" brother ,still in use, in Georgetown, Colorado. The kit comes with a lot of castings and stripwood. Once painted red with white trim it's gonna be a great addition to your layout or diorama

Kit #1103 Dimensions: 3" X 7" $30.00

Twin Tanks

These tanks can be used to supply your towns or mining and logging camps with the water they need.Either as a pair or separately they will add realism to any space they're in. Widely used in the 1800's, some are still seen in rural settings. Construction is made easy with basswood and cast metal parts. Water level marker, hoops and hoop fasteners creates realism to this simple kit.

Kit #1104 Dimensions: 2" X 3" ea. tank $21.00

Oil Loading Facility

This oil loading facility can be used to supply oil to your steam or diesel locos. It's framework adds to the detail and the small size makes it a great space filler. Construction is mainly basswood. Try one.

Kit #1105 Dimension: 2 1/2" X 7" $26.00

Logging Engine House

This engine house was modeled after the type found all across the country. Use it on your 1800's or modern day layout. They are still used today. Designed to house your small to mid-sized locomotive, the round windows, door openings and roof vent adds to the authenticity of this kit. The large side windows allows for interior viewing. You'll have a ball building this one. Lots of wood and nice plastic castings makes it fairly simple. Get those locomotives in out of the weather, today!

Kit#1107 measures 5 1/4" X 10 1/2" $32.00

Farm Style Water Tank

Northern California is home to the prototype of this water tank. Loaded with charm, you can use this one on your farms, ranches or even right in town. The plastic and wood construction is fairly easy. Even if you're not modeling Northern California, this would be a nice building on any site or just to sit on a shelf. Kit# 1111 Dimensions: 2 3/4" X 5 1/2" $28.00

Branch Line Water Tank

This water tank was modeled after it's prototype on a California short line but is very similar to many water tanks used in the 1800's and early 1900's. If you've got a logging or mining train on your layout you should have one of these to fill those thirsty locos. Many short lines used this style tank, too.

Kit# 1112 Dimensions: 2" square $22.00

                                                                              Covered Bridge

Thomas Pratt designed this , the shortest covered bridge in the United States at a length of 36' , in 1844. Used by cars, buggies, wagons and people, this covered bridge will add charm to any layout or diorama. The interior truss rod construction and underside framing of this kit makes it realistic and fun to build. Put one over a creek and wait for the ohhh's & ahhh's. Construction is moderately easy with mostly basswood, stripwood and Campbell Scale Model's shingles.

Kit#1113 Dimensions: 3" X 9 1/2" $29.00

Sand House

The Canadian Pacific Railway used this type of structure to fill the sand domes in steam locomotives. You probably won't see many of these , but it could still be used to meet the requirements of diesel locos. Because of the detail, we recommend putting this one as close to the front as possible.

Kit# 1114 Dimensions: 1 1/2" X 7" $27.00

Ye Olde Work Shop

This is a model of our Pa. Furnace manufacturing facility before remodeling took place. It is situated on five acres of beautiful rolling hills overlooking Spruce Creek Valley in Central Pa. The old iron works of Pa. Furnace stood on the ground where this building is presently. About 100 yards south of our building is where the old iron furnace was along with the branch line that was connected to the Lewisburg, Spruce Creek and Centre Railroad.

A small dam nearby was visited by President Eisenhower and Spruce Creek still holds trout that have enticed many an angler including former President Jimmy Carter.

True to prototype, you can finish this kit as a barn or light manufacturing building.The kit consists of corrugated roofing, basswood and cast metal parts for detailing.

Kit#1001 Dimensions: 3" X 4 !/2" $14.95

Drake Oil Well

Over 117 years ago Colonel Edwin L. Drake, a retired railroad conductor from Connecticut, came to Titusville, Pa. In search of oil. After unsuccessfully trying to obtain oil by skimming and digging for it, he drilled the first commercial oil well. At a depth of 69 1/2', Drake had a successful well.

Like the prototype that was constructed and operated that August 27, 1859 , the model is detailed with many castings and wood shapes. Ease of construction is aided by full size drawings that can be used as templates.Give this one a try.

Kit# 1002 Dimensions: 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" $34.00

Way Station Caboose

A home away from home for your weary crew. This kit makes into a great siding building. Kit# 1003 $25.00

Way Station Box Car

Another great building to fill a small space and give the guys a place to rest.

Kit#1004 $24.00

                                                                         Fence Kits 

Kit#1108  Plank Fence $6.00           Kit#1109  Cattle Fence $5.00          Kit#1110 Rustic Fence $5.00



Kit#1025  Tractor   $9.00             Kit#1026  Buggy/Horse/Fig  $15.00       Kit#1027  Horiz Boiler  $14.00  


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